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Originally Posted by emtrey View Post
My car is due this week. I sent my CA a request to have this coding done before they deliver the car. It would be awesome if sport could be set to "default" and button press back to comfort if desired.
Took delivery of our car Thursday & mentioned this, but they said we'd need to bring it back to have the coding done (maybe they just didn't have time - hopefully you can have this done before delivery...). Got an appt for tomorrow, said 2-3 hrs.

I agree, now we need it for the DDC button as well. Read all the debates about both buttons but for me it simply comes down to this: the car should remember all settings I (we) want - it should do what we say, not what it thinks is best for us/the world/whatever.

Our CA told us that new cars from the factory will at some point start to arrive this way - in other words, it should become standard coding. No exact timeframe but interested to see if someone takes delivery and has this coding w/out asking for it.