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Plasti-Dipped for the first time

payed off handsomely, as you can see. hahhha i was just looking for anything to dip and did the back of my truck. idk i just kinda did what felt right, back and forthed the can till it was even applied, waited like 15 minutes then hit it again. and did that 4 times total, and it etched itself perfectly. i'm actually really surprised with the result. It was $6.34 at home depot and was dried in about an hour (until middle of the day 90 degree sunlight i might add). plus i still got 2/3 the can left. this is really good for spraying your model badge or turning your chrome into shadowline trim. i suggest you go grab atleast a car and see what it can do cus it's pretty cool. just figured i'd share it with you guys if any of you were skeptical.
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