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Originally Posted by chrisny View Post
are those the sport seats with luxury line, or do the regular seats just have that much side bolster already? Seems like they're pretty close looking at the configuration pictures on
I have regular seat... and there is not that much side bolster...

Yet and BUT!! i am actually quite satisfied and surprised myself that i dont have any complains regarding the regular seat..

i guess i set my driving position in such a way that makes myself very comfortable... no problems at all!

Originally Posted by E46M54325Ci View Post
OP, wanted to ask you how you're liking the regular seats with the stick after having the car a while now. I am torn between doing a modern line (mojave/havana on oyster) which I love the look of and getting dynamic handling with the 19s (155 mph limit) with the stick, or just doing an Msport with fewer goodies (estoril blue is the draw). I love the goodies with the premium pack, especially CA and Sat radio and know that with dynamic handling and the 19s it will be basically the same as the M-sport, but I'm concerned about the non-sport seats. I sat in a set at the dealer in a base 328i and they seemed better than the base seats in the e8x and e9x cars. just wanted your opinion though since you've driven with them now for a while.

I had the base seats in my 135i and the biggest problem for me was that without power, I couldn't get them to go flat (ie parallel with the floor), so they were more bucket like- this made shifting in traffic a pain. but with the power seats they go flat in the front like the sport seats, so I am really wondering just how good the bolstering is.

any thoughts would be great. thanks!
I am liking the seats actually !! after driving it for almost 2 months now, i have no complains to be shared...

I dont miss having the sport seats at all !!

but then again, i dont drive the car to its limit, and thus not requiring to test the seats at those conditions...

I tell you what!
Here is how i set my seat, to simulate, to copy the sporty driving position of a sport seat:

1) i set my seat height position to the LOWEST POINT !
trying to sit myself at the lowest level possible.

2) i set the seat "tilt" position to the MOST tilted level...:
meaning the surface you sit on is NOT level with the floor,
i am making the rear surface as low as possible, tilting as much as possible,
and thus forming almost a bucket seat

but it would seem that is not what you are looking for, you just want the seat surface to be as level and parallel to the floor as possible...

Personally i dont know why you would want the bottom surface to be flat...
(i have no problem clutching when my "bucket" sitting position)
because the bucket position is actually safer for you: it will help your body stay in the seat, as opposed to moving forward, during (GOD FOrbid) a frontal
crash. The Tilting of the bottom would help keep your hips stay against your recliner...

with such a set up:

i have no problem shifting, because when driving a manual car,
the most important thing you want to set is for you to be able to clutch and brake fully! that will be how far back you can pull your seat away from the steering wheel...

as for the back recliner, that is up to your liking and comfort.
i usually make it as straight as possible, but not too straight...
actually i would tend to make it perpendicular to the tilted surface...

Again, i drive this car every day with my girlfriend and so far, we feel very comfortable in those regular seats!

no complains and not missing out on the sport seats.... at all

Originally Posted by AF30 View Post
Thanks for sharing. What camera do you use?
Pentax K5, but my lenses are crappy!

Sorry about the delay in my response !!