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Originally Posted by gator15 View Post
As a current F30 owner, I have to disagree. I do not feel duped and in fact, feel quite safe in my 328i. True, on this new test, the F30 did not perform that well, but the other cars that I would considering buying, the Audi and the Merc did even worse. If you watch the crash, the upper parts of the body are well protected and there is little movement. Frankly, if I can leave a crash as severe as this one with broken legs/ankles and no chest or head trauma, I would feel pretty lucky.

I highly doubt that older models would perform better than the F30 in this test. The weight difference between the E90 and F30 has little to do with why the F30 did poorly in this test. Crash tests are all about crumple zones, not weight. Obviously, the F30's crumple zone in this test is poorly designed for the footwell. I am sure that in future models, BMW will keep this test in mind as they design their cars.
I agree with you, as an F30 owner, yes i am paying through my nose for this expensive car, but safety wise, i feel this car is the safest 3 series that has EVER been !
i dont feel cheated or duped.

This is a harsh new test to past, but from here on, and the purpose of this test is to pressure auto manufacturer to pay attention to those particular case of crashes.

Originally Posted by whoever View Post
I'm serious considering going back to Honda and get a manual Accord, assuming it's similar to Accura. Just waiting for more testing coming out.
Go for the TL since it did well on this test, and furthermore, it's practically an Accord rebadged under Acura

Honestly one of the best FWD cars out there, the TL is a great car with a Batman design! if i wasn't so biased toward RWD, this could be the car i would have gotten myself.

Originally Posted by ;12500885
The true disappointing thing is that although these tests are standard, they aren't real accurate representations of real-life crashes.

People don't just barrel into something at 40mph. They hit the brake. That totally changes the forces, angles and dynamics of how the occupants are positioned and moving.

If they want to hit the barrier at 40mph that's fine, but start at 60 and hit the brakes so that it's going 40 when it hits the barrier, then you can see that the occupant may already be leaning slightly forward and see if the dip in the front end plays a significant role in the forces on the vehicle.
That's a very nice idea !!! i totally support you in adding this test!
hitting the brake before impact changes the occupants position.

Originally Posted by adelphi_sky View Post
The reality is as time moves on, things improve, people become wiser, and so the industry has to adjust. 5 Years ago, the F30 would have been called the safest 3-series to date. Actually, I think it was called that last year. I wouldn't be too hard on BMW. There are a hell of a lot more cars that will do worse. Luxury or otherwise. BMW gives us the ability in performance to avoid these types of accidents with their agility, DTS, DSC, etc. While it is disappointing to some, it's far better than some alternatives. Besides, as much as I have read in this forum, safety is the last thing on people's minds. Especially when have of the threads are about 0-60 times, tuning to go faster, and the sound the exhaust makes.
Completely agree with you !! the 3 series is one of the best car out there, expensive for what it is... but still, as an overall package, this is hard to beat!

I am not going to sell my F30 over this issue... to get what ?? an S60 LOL :P

Originally Posted by jmatero View Post
It is very relevant. The biggest increase in crashes in the US are clipping or "slight overlap". Most are related to driver distraction. Lane departure warning, cars that self-brake, etc are all designed to save your rear. The IIHS creates tests that best exploit weaknesses in design that are directly related to the $$$$ they're paying out in injury and collision claims.

The volvo S60 aced the test because of this:

1) This is a great test.
2) Very happy the S60 did very well !
3) I have a feeling Volvo designed their car for those type of tests well before we have those tests
4) once the S60 out, Volvo might have pressure the Institute to carry those tests, allowing to "officially" test all cars for this crash that Volvo as designed.
5) This makes for the greatest commercial and clear proof for the Volvo brand... regaining once again in everyone's mind the status of Safest Car Brand!!

I sense a smart Troll that is Volvo, staying and putting themselves ahead of the curve !! Very smart move !

Instead of spending millions in commercials, they have actually invested into designing a front side frame and spending money in pressuring the institute to test that structure that no other cars has