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Originally Posted by PAMidge
The true disappointing thing is that although these tests are standard, they aren't real accurate representations of real-life crashes.

People don't just barrel into something at 40mph. They hit the brake. That totally changes the forces, angles and dynamics of how the occupants are positioned and moving.

If they want to hit the barrier at 40mph that's fine, but start at 60 and hit the brakes so that it's going 40 when it hits the barrier, then you can see that the occupant may already be leaning slightly forward and see if the dip in the front end plays a significant role in the forces on the vehicle.

Slamming on the brakes completely alters a lot of positions and angles of not only the occupant but the body as well.

And to the guy thinking slamming on the brakes to get you down to 40 would have the same impact of coasting at 40..... Wow. Smh you must have been a physics major...

It seems that many more tests should be created for these crash tests.
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