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Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
Wow, to each their own. It sounds like you have absolutely no education in this field at all. It sounds like you are going purely off of media and rumors. If people use "additives" correctly the harm/risk is minimal. Its stupid people who do no research and use no cycle support or post cycle support, people who eat Mcdonalds everyday while on cycle are the ones who destroy their body.
Wow, you don't know what you're talking about. How do you have any idea how much education I have?
No, I'm not stupid enough to believe what I hear from the media. I am educated in this field, thank you, and have many colleagues in the medical field who know it destroys your body. Although you may not see the damage right away, it's there for the long term. Why don't you do your research -- steroids age your heart very fast and your connective tissue gets destroyed because they can't keep up with the rate of muscle growth.