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Originally Posted by PAMidge View Post

People don't just barrel into something at 40mph. They hit the brake. That totally changes the forces, angles and dynamics of how the occupants are positioned and moving.

If they want to hit the barrier at 40mph that's fine, but start at 60 and hit the brakes so that it's going 40 when it hits the barrier, then you can see that the occupant may already be leaning slightly forward and see if the dip in the front end plays a significant role in the forces on the vehicle.

Who drives 60 in their BMW or European cars. In reality most BMW drivers around my area do 80 and the fast drivers are doing 90-100. It's perfectly realistic to say they are able to shave off 60mph from 100 to hit the center divider or a pole at 40. This is a slap across the face on most German cars.
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