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Originally Posted by WJGreer View Post
Nothing positive about it, unless you count Audi and Mercedes coming in even worse.
What's with all the doom and gloom? Do you know the odds on hitting an object at the exact point on the car, heading in the exact direction, going the exact speed, with no breaking, with one person in the car weighing the exact weight as the dummy with no luggage in the trunk with the exact tires? Astronomical. Yes, that angle crash happens in 25% of all accidents. But those accidents include every car maker known to man. BMW is but one manufacturer. The question of whether it is a bad day for BMW should be, how many f30 BMWs have had the exact accident where the person sustained sever injuries because of the "mediocre" protection? If the answer is 100%, THEN that's a bad day. If 75% walk away, then that's not so bad. You have to look through the general numbers.
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