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Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
No. They used to focus on those things. But, then they found that a nice even collision is not anywhere near as catastrophic as one that is offset.

This is a huge blow to BMW. BMW focused on finding a way to give nearly all of the electronic gizmos available on the 7 and the 5 to the
3. Worse, BMW shaved away structural weight in the name of Eco pro and other nonsense.

Now, while it is true your little 4 banger beats the old model's 6, and it's true that the new model goes from 0 to 60 a tad faster, it is equally true that there was a hidden compromise and that was the safety of the BMW occupants.

All you 3 series owners that bought this car before the offset tests were actually performed have been duped! You probably never even asked about safety because BMW goes to great lengths to tout the 3 series as one of the safest cars on earth. But it is not and objective tests prove it is not even close to the safest car in its class.

Look at the intrusion in these tests. It is horrible!!! If I were owner of a 3 series I would be pissed! The fact that this is a new test does not impress me. It only goes to show that BMW makes cars to pass particular set of tests. BMW should worry about the real world.

Driving while texting just got a lot more lethal thanks to BMW.
Your post sounds like someone who just waits to hear something negative about the new 3 so you can attack and criticize the car, and insult the owners.

Duped? Hardly. All car manufacturers build cars to pass crash tests.
Crash tests also give manufacturers data that they can use to make their cars safer. By taking the tests the car shows how well or not it performs in certain types of accidents.

How many people actually make their car purchase decision based on crash testing results?
I guess those who bought an Audi and MB were duped even more?

Plus, this is a new test being implemented, along with the previous tests.
How did the new 3 do on the current test methods?
Also, how long have car companies had to design cars to perform better with this new test?
Those factors are very important to know if one is comparing crash worthiness.

I can easily tell you that I don't look at crash testing results as a factor to which car I buy. I buy based on performance and what I like.
Even though we now know the results of this test, how many are going to sell their 3's because of it?

You: Driving while texting just got a lot more lethal thanks to BMW.

BMW has nothing to do with idiots who text and drive.
Texting while driving is not legal in most states. If an idiot does text and drive, that is in now way BMW's fault.
You're trying to make it sound as if BMW's lackluster performance in this new test is somehow at fault for not properly protecting an idiot who's own actions will cause an accident.
If you apply that kind of logic, then all car makers are at fault for not making 100% crash proof cars for any type of idiotic driving that might cause an accident.

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