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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
It's not about top speed. Both the 328i sport and 335i sport will get to 155mph governed.
How fast it can get to a certain speed has value to some drivers.
To others it doesn't matter, and that's cool too.

How often can one open up a 335i, or 328i for that matter, depends on where you live.
If you're a city driver, then not much chance to open up the 335i.
But, if you live where I live, which is a much more open area with lots of rural country and roads, I open up my 135i quite a bit.
So, the answer is not the same for everyone.

In general:

I find that this kind of topic (this vs that) gets filled with comments that are positive justifications for why one bought this version instead of that version.
And then there are comments that ride the edge of negating the other model as if it doesn't somehow live up to one's wants and needs.
All that does is incite the other version owner to post similar comments.
It's part of the defense of self when one feels their decision is being questioned.

There really isn't a reason for anyone to feel that they have to justify their choice of 328i or 335i.
These are both BMW 3 series automobiles, that offer something for all drivers of sport sedans and coupes.
I'm not saying there is anything wrong with stating why one bought one version over the other. I am saying that the negative and negating comments towards the other model are not necessary.

Is the 335i more powerful and faster than the 328i?
Yes, it is. There is no reason to deny it or question it, or make it seem as if it's slight or unnecessary. It's simply an easy test to perform and determine which car is faster.
That appeals to certain people, and those people area willing to pay extra for it.

Does the 328i offer better handling with lighter weight, along with a lower price?
Yes, it does. Testing has confirmed the 328i's better handling balance.
Cost should be clear to anyone who shopped and bought a 3 series.
That appeals to certain people, they are also the majority buyers of 3 series.

People pick their car based on what they want and what satisfies their needs and wants. The logical choice is the one that satisfies practical as well as emotional needs. Both the 328i and 335i have practical and emotional qualities. The 328i is not a logical choice for the driver who wants the highest HP/torque option. The 335i is not a logical choice for the driver who wants the better handling option, or the driver who doesn't want to spend the money on something they won't use.

My point is the new 3 in either US/NA form is an excellent sport sedan choice. Simply acknowledge and accept what each version offers, and that there are drivers who value certain things about each model.
I know it's a lot to ask for, and it's not likely to happen.
I just feel compelled to state it.
Well said
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