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Those pictures actually show us more than before.
For example look at how the door line completely matches to that disguised rear window and how the opening of the rear door is disguised by a seperate piece of camouflage. The reflection of the light also makes out the full door opening showing that a seperate window is in fact attatched to the door.
The profile gives us the biggest indication that it is not a hatchback but a true four door Gran Coupe although the C-pillar is still disguised with plastic padding.

The 6er Gran Coupe has already got off to a great start , which bodes well for the 4er Gran Coupe that will offer all the style , and luxury in a more compact package at a more approachable price for many.
It now looks like things will get smaller as BMW are now looking at the potential of a 2er Gran Coupe as a more reflective choice for the compact class rather than a conventional sedan.

The Gran Coupe will of course increase the 3er/F30+ platform to another profitable new model alongside the 3er Gran Turismo which caters to customers who need the extra flexibility over a sedan. A market that is very popular in Europe.
To understand how popular this market is VW for example are introducing a Passat hatch with the next generation Passat (euro) model.

You will see how the BMW 3er Gran Turismo comes together in a few weeks time as a Concept car alongside the 1er CST at the Mondial l'automobile in Paris. Where both the 1er and 3er are significant with the aim of increasing market share as BMW focus on previewing highly profitable models that will generate a return. As the focus moves to product.
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