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Originally Posted by aculeg87 View Post
I don't get it. BMW is starting to make a bunch of cars that look the same and serve no purpose. 3-series 4-door and this? 5 series and 6 gran coupe. I can understand how the 6 gran coupe competes with the CLS...But this? Can someone explain their motives and strategy?
Serve no purpose? I think there is a purpose, meeting the customers needs, and having a lot of customers.

If I had a bit more cash I would consider the M5 but I don't think it looks "sporty" enough. The big six coupe is to big for a 2 door, but as a 4 door coupe, I would consider it. What appeals to me more then the M5, is a M6 grand coupe. (sadly still beyond my budget.)

Having owned a E36 M3 and E46 4 door, I liked the 4 door package but the look was not quite as sport oriented as I would have liked. Later, when I replaced the E46, I went for the E92. I enjoyed the 335i coupe and loved its look but access to the rear seat was not easy for my aging friends, and family needs so a grand coupe would be my choice if I were shopping for a new 3/4 series.

I don't like the new "GT" but others might, so I think BMW is trying to make cars which really match what the owners want. For that I respect and admire them, as not too many car company's do this. As for those who say there are to many BMW models, is that really possible? The more variations the more unique each will be.

off my soap box.

PS, I have a Z4 E89 because it looks great. Its really just a commuter car and Sunday drive car for me, but I love it.