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Originally Posted by gerbs View Post
What happened to the good ol days of Sedan / Coupe / Wagon?
same thing that happened to the Model T, the world is ever evolving...

come on guys, choice is good! Someone (like myself) who needs a 4 door because of my kids but would love for it to have the looks of a coupe (however I wish they would not call it a coupe and just make the 3 series sedan that way instead of having a new model)

I am all for what BMW is doing so far except the GT stuff (its like they are looking for a way to make wagons look better for markets who don't like wagons, like the US...). Also wish they would offer a smaller roadster/coupe in M form for around the same price as the M3 (loved my '06 M Coupe, so much fun to drive) but I guess when the sales numbers are that low its hard to justify making them.

I do sort of understand the Gran Coupe line if it in fact offers more luxury than the regular sedan, like if Nappa/Novillo leather is offered for example or night vision or other tech features not normally offered in a 3 series. So someone who wants the luxury of a 5 series with a slightly smaller size can buy just that! Of course I really wonder how much different a M3 and M4 GC would be. both are probably going to have all the same option boxes to check except the GC will probably cost $4K more...