Thread: Kudos to Zaino!
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Kudos to Zaino!

I am really happy that I picked up my Imperial Blue car yesterday. It was dropped-off in Paris June 28th so it was almost two months since I last drove it.

Right before dropping-off, I applied a fourth coat of Zaino. When I washed the car yesterday afternoon I was happy to see the water beading. Since neither the VPC nor dealership waxed it (per my instructions), it must have been residual Zaino still on the paint.

When you consider all that the car went through between Paris and LA, it is amazing there was still wax on it. Say what you will about other products (which I am not commenting about here at all), I was impressed that my car was still protected.

Just for good measure I applied more Z-CS and a coat of Z-5 glaze just before falling asleep. Pics to follow...