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One of the best posts I've seen on this forum. One of the best recipes for fat removal I've encountered is cardio (just walking) combined with this - dropping sugary drinks and sugary food, potatoes, rice, and anything made with white flour, your body will learn to burn fat again.

There's also the simple mathematics of weight loss - increase your calorie burn, drop your calorie intake. The rule of thumb is to burn 500 more calories a day and ingest 500 fewer, for a net deficit of 1000 calories/day. Combined with the advice below, the pounds will come off. If you want to get really aggressive, reduce your calories to 10 calories/lb of your goal weight.

Some posters here squawk that severely reducing your calories can lead to health problems related to poor nutrition. Unless you're getting your 2000 calories a day solely from ice cream that's very unlikely, but if that's a concern a multivitamin will help. A low carb, low sugar diet with no nutritional value is pretty tricky to achieve, though.

Originally Posted by Alex Lipowich View Post
It is simple, but not necessarily easy.

Most Americans do not understand the difference between healthy foods, and foods that will help you lose weight. Example: Whole grain bread, brown rice..... Surely better nutrition than Wonder or Uncle Ben's white....but poor choices for weight loss. Within 30 minutes sugar levels rise with no difference for weight loss vs ice cream and a snickers.

I've helped many of my patients lose weight.

Boiled down to the simplest concept:

Your body will happily burn fat for you.....

If your blood sugar is dropping, and you've not stored sugar in the form of glycogen in your liver during the last few meals.

So basically, ANY food you eat that contains sugar, or can be converted to sugar stands in the way of burning fat.