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Originally Posted by DASHOCKER View Post
bring back the 8 series!!!
The successor to the 8er is the BMW 6er , if you want a super exclusive Coupe then you will have to wait for the super fast Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe which will premiere in Concept form at Geneva next March before a premiere in production form at Frankfurt next September.
Not only is the new Coupe RR's first entry Coupe, it also employs a slimmer look of the already beautiful Ghost with a dynamic roofline. Despite the disguise the Coupe is not a hatch as the roofline blends into a very low profile and short trunk.
Its a stunning and beautiful car and it is going to have an serious impact on increasing RR sales.
A Drophead Coupe model (cabrio) version will also come allowing the Ghost to immitate the larger Phantom family.

No further BMW Coupe's for the premium market as the market for such cars is declining , in the wake of super luxury SUVs.
Globally Customers for these cars are getting younger in new markets and as some cases have to extend and accomodate needs for family , business etc. Which is why many manufacturers including BMW and Mercedes-Benz are investing in four door coupes because customers are looking for performance and coupe looks but with extra space.
BMW looking at a reinvention of the ill-fated CS Concept and Mercedes working on a four door CL. High end luxury Coupes remain popular because their larger size allows for more suitable accomodation.

Scott, what are the projected release dates for US market of M3, 4 coupe, M4 and M4 gran coupe?
I am not overly familiar with US launch dates but the F80 M3 will arrive in the US around Spring 2014.
actual launches that are non-market specific commence with the 4er Coupe arriving next Summer.
M4 will be around late 2014 with the M4 Gran Coupe later in 2015.
The 4er Gran Coupe will launch in early 2014.
Despite what you see the M3 is far from finished and development will continue until next summer's launch. Both M5 and M6 were at this stage in 2010 and 2011 respectively.
The Concept car is purely for visual purpose and no info about engine , drivetrain etc will be revealed at the same time. All details will be kept on ice till the launch.

The all-new BMW's are the X4 and 2er. But there is an X5 mule which has a lengthened body as BMW move on with the X7 development.

3GT already past FEP? It was still in so much camo the last time spotted.
The blue FEP car in the Gran Coupe thread is actually the 3er Gran Turismo, suggest maybe that the moderators make a seperate thread now?
Step 1.

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