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Originally Posted by Spikey View Post
How long's the treatment take?
Car needs to be cleaned and decontaminated first, then coating is applied. Depending on how clean the car is(n't) and the number the coats applied you're looking at a few hours of work.

It's quite labour intensive compared to other paint protection treatments but after seeing how good his Renault RS250 looks I reckon it's well worth it.

While you could in theory at least drive away after an hour of so of it being applied, I'm letting my car cure overnight. I'll go back in a weeks time for a wax coating as well.

Very important you don't touch the paint for the first couple of days as it can still be a little tacky and you'll risk "fingerprinting" it. Don't wash it either for one week.

I was told it takes about a week or two to fully cure, at which time it really brings out a beautiful depth of colour to the factory paint. My detailer was quite complimentary of Mineral White too