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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
Sounds to me you are the type of person who's always so eager to throw the first rock...

A lot of things you said, you make it sound like it was very simple and it was so predictable...

It's always easy to assume after the facts...

From my point of view, this is a first shot that is bringing attentions to everyone and so things will be worked on from here on...

I would say that practically all of those cars were not design to incorporates means to protect from this specific scenario.

Only the Volvo was properly equiped/designed. Everyone else was a luck of the draw and circumstance. Regarding the BMW, If it wasn't for the wheel being stuck there, things would have been much better.

The F30 is still a very good Modern car (with all the compromises that goes with it)
I've noticed there are number alarmist who don't own this model.
I think there are some folks wanting this 3 to fail in any way, so that they can keep believing that their car's are better in every way.

I'd like to see this new crash test applied to older BMW's and older models of other brands. In particular I'd like to see how older 3's like the E90 and E46 fare in this new test.
That will give us some perspective on how much better or worse these new designs are working.
IOW, if previous models of these brands actually score better on this test than the new models, then indeed there was a failure in improving the safety design.
But, if the older models score worse, then the new designs are indeed an improvement, even though they may score low on this new test.
Let's see that base line.
Anyone have that data?

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