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Originally Posted by robertusa32 View Post
Certainly BMW engineers should and will address the new crash test result. But please note the following:
1) Unlike most manufacturers who only focus with varying degrees of interest in passive safety - what happens if the vehicle is involved in a collision? - BMW targets active safety. Brake drying, brake assist, brake stand-by, bigger, bolder braking systems, 50-50 weight distribution all contribute to avoiding the impact.
2) As for passive safety, BMW looks at all 360 degrees of potential crash intersection and attempts to design a vehicle with the best all around passive safety. Most companies engineer to pass the limited tests and the known angle or angles of impact employed by testing agencies.
Again, BMW should learn from the rsults of this test. But, to conclude that the overall safety is less than another brand, such as Volvo, because of this one result, is to misunderstand everything BMW does to avoid such incidents and everythimg the brand does to survive all potential areas of impact around the full circumference of the vehicle.

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So, you're saying it's better to AVOID an accident in the first place?

I concur. The biggest safety feature is being able to avoid hitting something.