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40-100 in 4th gear (MT) is the real measure of how quick a car is int he real world Over on the MPS (that's Mazdaspeed for our American cousins) owners forum, nobody cares about 0-60 or 1/4 mile times. It's all about in-gear acceleratio and torque.

For what it's worth, I test drove a 335i to test the adaptive suspension option (which I subsequently ordered!) but kept thinking I'd got the handbrake on because the car felt so slow for a 300bhp car. Again, that's all about the torque curve which is pretty flat in the 335i and revs like a wild thing up to the redline. My MPS has much more torque lower down in the rev range but gives up and goes for a cup of tea after 5500 rpm. As a consequence, normal in-gear performance felt week in the 335i whereas the car is actually ultimately quicker than my MPS ... it's just that you have to wind the nuts off it to get the most out of it. I suspect that the comparison between the 328 and the 335 would be very similar in back to back tests in real world driving.
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