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Originally Posted by netvista
Originally Posted by J1n View Post
Its very cheap.. get it! You guys are making me feel i got ripped off lol
i am still suspicious of this quote.. i haven't spoken to the dealer myself after all, it's just a quote from the lease company.
where did you get yours from btw?
I'd recommend you check out some of the dealers yourself. Leasing companies don't know jack about difference in options/packs for BMWs as they cater for a whole suite of cars makes. They just put down what they get told by the dealer sales people.

The path I went down with my lease was armed with the lease quote price (and plus the GST component) in my mind (apparently its a booboo to do price comparisons between dealers), I went to a few dealers to see if I could get a better deal (or options thrown in if there's less room to wiggle). Once I found the price I was happy with (and options included), I just got the leasing company to contact the dealer to quote it up.