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Hi Kristof,

The car (F30 320d) went into a BMW dealer the first time I had this problem - they ran diagnostics, and replaced a part (I didn't really pay attention at the time to what part). Next day, problem reappeared.

Car has been back into the dealer since, but despite them having it for two days, they can't seem to isolate the fault. They tell me that they have recorded the problem with BMW Technical (on the Puma system?) and are awaiting for BMW Germany to get back to them. That was a week ago.......

I've asked them to look on the web, and at this forum in particular, but they seem reluctant to do so.

So, not sure if this is a new variation of the "No Signal" problem that BMW haven't seen before. Is anyone else still having problems with "No Signal" despite it having gone into BMW for work?

Any advice on how to accelerate the resolution with BMW?