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AW 335i M Sport European Delivery - 20 Aug, 2012 - PICS

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Picked it up at the Welt this morning. Love the car, I'll add more details on my first impressions later, just wanted to get the pics uploaded tonight. And yes, I already turned it in, I have to fly back to the US tomorrow...I was originally supposed to be here for 5 days, but shortened it last minute for work. I really regret cutting the trip so could have waited. Bummer.

Special thanks to Adrian Avila at BMW/Mini of South Atlanta!

Update 8/21/2012: Thanks for all of the nice comments-- I'm on a layover in Atlanta en route to Cincinnati -- definitely disappointed that I cut the trip so short; even one or two more days to drive a bit more and get to know the car better on those great roads would have been awesome. I was thinking it would be ok to get the Welt delivery experience, drive for a day and then head home-- I've done several European vacations, so I wasn't really interested in touring around, work is crazy right now, and I'd rather use my vacation time in SE Asia, but I really did myself a disservice to only drive the car for 7 hours. I would discourage others from doing the "1 day ED," if you're in a time crunch, try to extend for at least 2 or 3 driving days.

The one "professional" pic, and of course it's overexposed and you lose all the detail in the lines of the front bumper...

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