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I had the same dilemma. my other car is a prius with 15% in the back and 50% up front. I have been pulled over with it before for going through a stop sign but got out with a warning. he never did mention about the tint(California is 70% which means you cant have any tint) but then it was a prius and he even asked me if i had any firearms in the car and answered the question for me "you don't look like it." talk about stereotyping(good thing he didnt ask if i owned apple products and ate only organic food LOL!) and i'm a member of calguns so sometimes i transport firearms albeit legally. i have seen people drive around with 20% or darker and they seem to be ok. if i do get pulled over later on for being stereotyped as a prick then i may just go lighter with ceramic.

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Wow, that 35% looks really dark, more like 25%, but maybe that's because of the contract with the color of your car. Looks good regardless. I think in my state the front windows cant be darker than 35 or 40% and I was thinking that would be like having nothing (my previous car had 15% and was black).

The kicker is deciding on going darker on the back windows or keeping it the same all around now...