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Thanks again for all of nice comments! I'm very pleased with the configuration, the alpine white/coral red combo is fantastic. Time will drag on very slowly waiting for the car to return to the US, I'm already getting anxious.

Originally Posted by chotam View Post
Holy low res pictures
Yes, unfortunately, the delivery photos were all taken with my BlackBerry; I really didn't want to deal with carrying around a camera during the delivery process. I used my Samsung tablet for all of the pics after I left the Welt.

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Why do you have EU spec tachometer? I mean that red line that I personally do not like. I am worried now that if I do EU delivery, that I get this tachometer.
Didn't even notice.

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Where do you order the red M performance brakes????
Your CA can add them to your order, several of the M Performace accessories are available for installation at the VPC after the car arrives at the port (M brakes, black grilles, exhaust, etc). I was able to get the brakes at invoice price and avoided the labor charge that would otherwise have to be paid if purchased later and installed by the dealer.

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Good for you for going with the MT!
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Thank goodness there are some real MT drivers left...

Congrats on the car, I would have built mine the same way if I were fortunate enough to be able to afford one...
I wouldn't have it any other way! I've never owned a car with an automatic, and I intend to keep it that way as long as manual transmissions are still manufactured. I just enjoy the higher level of engagement and control, some people complain about clutching and rowing the gears in traffic, but it has never bothered me.

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