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I'm still waiting for an email or contact from the dealer where I brought mine from (about 1 hour away from where I live). This is for a decent deal and part ex on a 330d M Sport. Still waiting.

Well, fed up with waiting I've just been down down my local dealer for a chat. Because I've told them I'm waiting for figures from the other place, they were not prepared to give me any figures until I had something back from the first place. How hard can this be?

They also said it was unlikely I'd get any serious kind of discount as this model is not out yet.
They also told me if I ordered it today, I would not see it until early Feb next year.
I mentioned the prices at Broadspeed and he insisted that no-one would get that kind of money off (4K+ for 330d) buying at Broadspeed. And you guys recon you've been offered 8-10% off from a dealer?

It just gets hard work.