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Originally Posted by penguin_of_death View Post
Even so, you can see why people are attracted to 3rd party lease deals when you can get a basic 330d M Sport on a 2yr deal for under 350pcm.
Don't be fooled by "headlines figures" Once you get to a sensible package, it's lots more. I managed to get a base model 330D M Sport to 460pcm for a fully maintained lease with all the trimmings (and let's face it, you want all the trimmings or you're not a lease person) lease deal with 15kmpa allowance.

Yes, leasing is waaaay better than purchase unless you actually want a depreciating asset, have the cash in hand or intend to keep the car for a very long time. This is mostly because the lease company is paying nothing like list price for your car. They're buying it almost at cost and so you "save" loads of money for doing nothing. From my best endeavours to find out from peopl int he industry, I figured my 42,480 car probably cost the lease company somewhere around 36/37k. That's basic model money.

I worked out what it would cost me in totality for my 2 yrs lease and then if I bought the car at the end of the deal for market price ... it was less than buying the car with cash.
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