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I think you are right....leasing sounds the way to go. I rang up the lease company that TMP is getting his car from. They said they only had a couple of 330d's left. One at 339 a month but as standard spec and no options and another with 19" wheels and pro media for about 380 a month. Neither of these appeal to me but goes to show what deals you can get.

Can anyone recommend any other good lease deals at the mo for a 330d M Sport?

Anyway, so as mentioned above I finally got the figures through for a new 330d M Sport. Bit of a waste of time as there WAS NO money knocked off whatsoever off list price. The only good thing was the 3.9% APR but the monthly's are too steep for what I want to pay. They also said they have given me an "over allowance on your part exchange which has giving you an increased deposit". Still didnt look great to me.

Maybe a good lease deal is the way to go, however, I'd like around 5K's worth of options which will push it up considerably?