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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
I have heard of about 25-30 cases of steering wheel vibration on the 328.
I have heard of about 5-7 cases of steering wheel vibration on the 335.

there are a lot more 328s on the road than 335's. probably like 8 to 1 328s to 335s.
We should know more very soon, as it seems there are a good number of 335i's coming in. I think a good number of 335i's owners waited for the Msport, like me.

Of all the 3's I've driven so far, 2 328i's had it, and none of the 335i's.
One 328i was a dealer lot car, and it had a slight vibe. But, I couldn't really feel it when holding the wheel properly. When I lightened up on the grip and just floated my hands over it, the wheel did have a slight left to right shimmy.

The other 328i was a recent loaner, base model. It exhibited the same behavior as the one above.

I'm hoping my Msport will be ready on Monday. Another Chicago area member's Msport was on the same boat as mine. He picked up his 335i Msport today. He hasn't posted yet, as I'm sure he spent the day driving.
I'm hoping we were on the same truck transport, but maybe not.
My CA hasn't emailed me back since Thursday, and he's very great about that. I think he may be out for a few days, and likely wants to be the person to deliver it. My 335i Msport is the first one they ordered, and will be the first one they deliver. Yes, I feel a wee bit special.