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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
what do the springs do besides lower height? what do they do to ride quality and handling? (i dont have active dampers)
Quality of ride and handling is up for debate. Whatever a person thinks depends largely on what they expect out of springs. I'm just going to let you know some facts, then my opinion.

Facts: Obviously it lowers the vehicle. It definitely makes the ride stiffer. Body roll is virtually eliminated etc.

My Opinions: It was a temporary solution. It is too stiff for my expectations. I don't like the idea of less shock travel room to achieve good looks.... but being the only option at the time, it was a must have for me. For the price it is a great value. But it reminded me of poor man solutions to Honda Civics back in the 90s.

So basically, if you enjoy a stiffer ride because it gives you more confidence while you rip through the turns, then H&R springs are an inexpensive way to achieve that enjoyment. Me, I just want a stock ride with a lowered look.