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Originally Posted by dbonline View Post
I was thinking about getting Tanzanite blue on an F31 m-sport wagon but it's doesn't look as exciting in clouded weather to justify the extra money.
Maybe more pics in different weather/situations/angles could still convince me
I may be a bit biased but after seeing it on the car the colour is a lot more impressive than the photos. I wasn't disappointed when I saw it that's for sure. The combination of the camera, the weather, the delivery dirt and the cramped parking lot at the dealership obviously haven't brought out the best the colour has to offer.

I pick the car up on Saturday so once I've had a drive and a play with all the various gadgets and buttons the car has to offer I'll have another go at taking more photos. Of course, it may be a long drive and there are a lot of gadgets and buttons so it may take me a while