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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
Yea, i would be shocked if the 335 i am getting doesn't have this issue. My whole thinking was it would be a lot easier to forget about it in a 335msport with performance exhaust at the same price per month i am paying for my 328.

When the new car comes i will have the shop forman take it for a spin so that he can do any balancing or whatever. THe shop forman at my dealer is a real nice guy.

Anyways, for what we pay for these cars we should be happy with them. Hopefully bmw can find a fix soon(they are aware of the issue) but it seems like its a hardware issue and not software.

Some people say they dont have the problem, tho i wonder if i drove there car could i replicate the issue. i just dont see how some cars have it and others dont. 328s have it 335s have it , 17's 18's 19s have it, pirelis, goodyears, contis, bridgestons have it...its and epidemic!
I wish I had this problem so I could upgrade my baseline to a Sport, but I definitely don't.

Mine has 17" Contis.