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Originally Posted by mocohead View Post
While browsing around for other tunes, I stumbled across a company in Germany that offers a tune for our cars. Below is the email I got from them...
This took a bit of looking to find them, but

It seems reasonable to look toward countries closer to Germany for tunes to me because this isn't the only country that drives faster than stock cars. Their claim is peak 278hp, 296lb/torque but as always I'd love to see the graphs, egt and a/f if I can

BMS, 258hp and 281lb/torque ($375)
BMS+ER downpipe, 270hp, 304lb/torque ($850?)
Kelleners/Hartge, 294hp, 310lb/torque ($1300)
Speed Buster, 290hp, 324lb/torque (about $800)

BMS has the best data out that I know of, 281lb vs 296lb/torque is heavy but I already see things in the BMS graph that I personally am not happy with that seem stressful but I am not an engine tuner and only have basic knowledge of what I can see in the data they are allowing people to see.