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I know this post is ten days old but wanted to post nonetheless...
First off...before undertaking ANY severe weight loss program, I would HIGHLY recommend you consult with your primary care practitioner...get a complete physical including blood work to see if you have any abnormal issues...make sure that they test your thyroid too...
Secondly, you didn't put the weight on overnight...attempting to lose it rapidly could have adverse long term effects on your heart and other organs...ignore all those that claim to have lost 100 pounds in 5-6 months...that is so bad for your body and almost all who have had that rapid loss gain it back plus more.
Thirdly, weight is a simple reflection of caloric intake vs caloric expenditure. To lose weight in a healthy fashion, simply reduce the intake to a healthy level and S-L-O-W-L-Y increase the caloric output (walking, weight bearing exercise, cardios, etc)...
Fourthly, the word D-I-E-T spells disaster. Almost everyone you talk with has done the diet thing, lost hundreds of pounds over their lifetime and put it back on only to "try" a new fad diet and repeat the process. Instead of "trying" a new diet, change your lifestyle. Consult a nutritionist and get with lower fats, lower animal proteins, more fresh veggies, fruits, grains and nuts. Eat more fresh fish.
Finally, have fun doing it...see it more as a journey than a destination...and celebrate the process!