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Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post
Just got off the phone with my dealer who DID call me as promised. After all this time waiting, I have a VIN, the build tracking website states that my car will be fully ready at plant on 30/08 at 1000.

So all you M-Sport people, we have a car coming very soon - finally!!!!
Check with your dealers.

You guys are the first people I am sharing this great news with.
Next stop - the shipping of my car from Rosslyn to Australia.
If all goes well, I could see my new F30 car late September or early October.
Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post
Guys, do you have your M-Sport VINs yet?
I just put mine into and WOW so much detail!!!
My car is complete!!!!!! YAY.
Now the wait for it to get onto a ship.

Get your VINs from your dealer and see what you get.

MUCK YEA~!!!!! dealer called, very happy

VIN in hand, been to the sites and wow so much info

Car is complete and awaiting a ship to board~!!

looking at that vin site there's a few things i'm curious to find out what the mean...

S4AEA Armrest front, retractable (didn't take much notice in the test drive thaat the armrests were retractable )

S7CFA MINI Repair included (what's that)
S962A Deleted, licence plate support front (wtf? lol)
S8TGA Thiefproofing device (what's this)

can't wait looks like we're going to be boat buddies