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Originally Posted by cardsdoc View Post
Thanks. Useful advice. Besides the cost/time of unmounting/remounting is it bad for the tires to do this twice a year? I would rather save the money and get a good well reviewed snow like the blizzak but without a spare and often having my 3 year old and wife with me I would be more comfortable with run flats and TPMS.
I wouldn't be un-mounting your tires and remounting your summer tires twice a year

Get a second set of rims for your snow tires. It's not ideal for the sidewall to have to deal with that stress twice a year.

Not to mention, the money you'll save by having to pay 90-150 for mounting each time will cover at least some of the cost of a second set of wheels. I understand you don't want a second set of wheels, but you will be able to sell them at the end of the lease to get some money back.

It will be much less of a Pain in the rear end long term.