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Bluetooth USB

Picked up my 2013 328xi 2 days ago. Took dealer and I to figure
Out the fOllOwing:

1. If you do not have BMW assist, you cannot use your iPhone
As audio source. Ie you cannot listen to music from iPhone via Bluetooth.

2. White APple cable did not work either.

3. Dealer told me I need Y cable to hook up iPhone or iPod.

4. I was able to play music from USB stick when plugged into
USB port in arm rest. Could not import musIc from here.

5. My car does have a USB port in glove box. Eureka !
I was able to import music into HD from this USB port.

So all is well. The manual does not quite sPell it out like this.
Hope this helPs those who have been trying to figure it out .