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(F30) Official TANZANITE BLUE F30 Photo Thread

Got to the dealership this morning at about 9:15 and finally took it home at about 11:45. A great deal to learn about this new toy!

First impressions are that the paint is incredible! It's a colour that looks incredible when you see it. The paint is full of flake and glistens giving off different hues of blue. My car was parked in the showroom and as I was going through all the paperwork there were plenty of admirers

Inside the merino leather is beautiful. It's so soft and comfortable. The combination of new car smell and leather is worth bottling, that way I'd be able to buy all the BMWs I wanted The idrive is actually very straightforward and fairly intuitive. It will take some getting used to where all the different things are and how to work it all but that's half the fun.

VSS is great, the adaptive suspension is great, the surround view cameras are a bit weird to look at first of all, the comfort access is possibly my favourite and I have even managed to successfully open the boot (trunk) on all times I've tried. HUD is superb, that is also competing for favourite toy. The HK system blew me away, the sound that was pumping out of that was so much better than I've been used to.

I've got a few photos from when I got home and then a few more before I took it for a proper drive. Unfortunately the sun went in so they may not fully show the potential but there will be another day to take some more

Anyway, loads of photos of the exterior and interior to enjoy
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