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Got it done alone with 2 hydraulic jacks, jack stands, and an assortment of socket wrenches etc. No power air tools. The experience was great, but I REALLY advise any DIYer to pay a professional to do the install... unless you like the punishment.

Right now, my rear is too low, but I'm too tired to adjust it.

Here is the review of the KW V2.

- Ride comfort is infinitely better than H&R with stock springs. Due to the increase in shock travel length and adjustable damping. These are my damping settings. Rear: 3 clicks from softest. Front: 1 click from softest. The ride is similar to a stock Sport Line but you do feel the road more.
- NO MORE bottoming out on tiny bumps! Woo!
- The damping and height is easy for the front. You do have to take the wheel off to raise/lower it, but you can twist it by hand.

- Rear damping is idiotically difficult to adjust. You can't adjust the damping like the older models from the trunk. You have to unbolt the top hat to even reach the top of the strut. Luckily this is not too difficult to do.
- Adjusting the ride height is even more idiotic. The spaner that is provided turns the perch AND the coil top. So basically, you're going no where. Later this week, I'm going to McGuyver a remedy.

TIPS ON THE INSTALL (If you're adventurous):
- The rear uses all sorts of weird size nuts and bolts. I swear they are using USA Standard sizes as my standard sockets fit better than metric on some bolts.
- They are using External Torx Sockets on some bolts now. Luckily you can use regular socket wrench sockets. However, if you do have access to the Torx sockets, use those.
- Only things that need to be disassembled in the rear is the control arm and the strut. You DO NOT need to take off the sway bar link.
- In the front, you DO need to take off the sway bar link.Use a 17mm box wrench and a torx (star) male socket.
- Don't slam your car all the way down in the rear because to adjust it, you'll have to take off the control arm all over again. When the perch is all the way up, there is no room for the spanner to turn. Trust me. I redid the rears 4 times. And I have to do it again because it's still too low.
- Have two jacks and jack stands. Trust me on that too.
- For the front, loosen the top strut nut while it's still on the car.
- If you have access to air tools, you will be a happy camper.

- If you are taking out stock springs. GET SOME DAMN SPRING COMPRESSORS. I got them for my H&Rs and they were still a little compressed. If you get the ones that you put on opposite sides, make sure you tighten/loosen down evenly. About 10 years ago, I tightened one side down too far and the spring buckled and ripped off the compressors. My hand almost tore off.

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