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Originally Posted by CrazyLatte View Post
Has anyone got further info from their dealer on their MSport?
I've been checking day and night to see if it started to track... and it hasn't!
I think I'm a bit obsessed at this stage....
Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post
Your actions are a clone of mine. I'm the same. Any spare moments I get, I pop onto the WWL (sounds like the wrestling) website (on my bookmarks list) and paste my car's VIN into the cargo ID in the track & trace page, like seconds before posting this comment. Still coming up as No Records Found.

I'm waiting till mid next week before calling my dealer to annoy them yet again - if need be.

We are all obsessed at this stage, and every other stage.

i can relate to you guys as well... the wait for the damn build was a killer but the wait for them to ship it is just as bad

I think when it's finally on it's voyage, we'll be obsessed with when the dealer gets it and releases it to us

cheers to doing the same thing every spare moment guys haha