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I like the look. I think it's more attractive than the F30. I'm sure it'll have less space in the back seats than the F30, but then so too did the E92 have less space than the E90. Even so, unlike in the 6er, two normally sized adults could sit comfortably in the rear seats of the E92 even for long trips. Hopefully that trait will continue unchanged, and if it does, there will be ample room in the back of the F34, unlike in the 6GC, which despite having four doors, is still tight in the rear.

I suspect price might be the only thing that drives folks to the F30 instead of the F34, assuming there isn't some major difference otherwise. I'm pretty sure this car will carry a hefty premium over the F30. Indeed, as BMW coupes seem to always cost more, it wouldn't surprise me that BMW like the GC designation if only so they can charge more for it. After all it's still based on the 3er.

Rather that cannibalize F30 sales, I think the F34 will garner buyers who would otherwise have bought a coupe, but as the F34 looks decent, will opt instead for it. Thus it'll be F32 sales that are partitioned.

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