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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The render apparently is traced around the actual prototype from the scoop pictures a bit like the M4 Renders in the M3/M4 thread so you get a faithfull outline of the actual car and then it is a question of filling in the blanks.

Having parked alongside the car today there is multiple camouflage from the rear of the car especially around the C-Pillars and the rear trunk area.

Why the sudden interest in four door Coupe's?
Well the demographic for standard Coupe models is changing because of the emergence of new markets the customers are getting younger and with that demographic comes the responsibilities that the customer requires , extra flexibility for a family or business clients yet they still crave the sleek looks and performance of a Coupe. BMW are not alone in extending their product line to include more practical Coupe models.

The importance of downsizing is also a factor as there are customers who would like the larger luxury concept but find it financially unaccessible.
A similar concept , smaller in size but utilising the same ideas and lustre is appealing to the customer who desires a car like this.
The 4er Gran Coupe and the forthcoming BMW X4 are prime examples of this.

The same goes for the high-end luxury segment also with Mercedes-Benz working on a four door of the next S-Klasse Coupe because the 2dr is impractical for family orientated customers. Such cars will also help sustain the luxury market which is showing a decline for large sedans but an increase for super-luxury SUVs and sleeker four door Coupe models.
Bentley are looking at a four dr GT as are Rolls-Royce investigating an option based on the more sleeker Ghost Coupe.

With the advent of modular platforms and in BMW's case a matrix that can be applied to various models and the eve of a new matrix that will be apparent from every next BMW from the 2er right through to the 7er , creating new models is entirely cost effective and these models are cars that will have a considerable return in the long run.

And given BMW's interest in the development of new niches such as Sport Activity Coupe and Progressive Activity Sedan. BMW have more ideas to present to the world in regards to "remixing" existing conventional concepts in regards to showcase innovation, creativity and individuality to appeal to new customers kind of like MINI has done already and will continue to do with great success.

It does not end here.

OK...I was with you until your final two legitimate paragraphs. Those last two told me nothing that mattered. Did you really write them or did you have some MBA-intern on your staff do it? Not many other folks can use so many words to say nothing of substance.

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