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Originally Posted by diesel86 View Post
It's funny, because I bought my car at Chandler and have had it serviced at N. Scottsdale. Anywho, Chandler is definitely familiar with the recoding. I had it done before I took a delivery of my car. They did warn me that BMW will only do it once and made me sign something stating I was aware of what the coding did, so make sure you definitely want the last user mode. For me, it was a no brainer. The ASS has been trouble free since then. Now if the could get whatever is loose in the doors out I'd be really happy. Had to take my car in for the second time this week.
Thanks for the info! Right now I start my car and immediately turn off the ASS, so yeah I definitely want to get it done. I was going to wait until I needed service, but I figured why wait. I'll probably try to set something up in the next couple of weeks. I wonder if I would be able to get a loaner since I didn't buy my car their. I know some dealers give preferential treatment to customers, so I guess I will see. Hopefully they will get your taken care of, so you can start to fully enjoy it!