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Originally Posted by E46M54325Ci View Post
haha- I was referring to the sedan that's currently available. this coupe thing should be the sedan and then the coupe should accompany it.
If this 4GC has anything even close to the rear seat space of the E92 or E90, I agree with you. I get why they make the 6GC, but this 4GC baffles me. It may be that it'll be more luxurious than the F30, but then that could have been just as effectively been achieved via the packages BMW so dearly love.

Originally Posted by Alpine F31 View Post
... I like the looks of this "coupe," but it will come with a price premium and a space deficiency vs the sedan.

Personally, I need the money and the space.

Plus, my car looks damn good!
You know that's right! Anytime BMW use words like "gran" and "coupe" to identify the car, one can expect to pay a few thousand more for each adjective. LOL BMW make good cars, and I like them, but BMW are profit-mongers just like every other car company.

As E46M above suggested, this 4GC should have just been the F30 sedan. It tests credulity to think that the 4GC costs any more to make than the F30. What has to be done, really? Program the robots to press the sheet metal somewhat differently.

Moreover, this marketing chicanery of assigning even numbers to coupes and "swoopy" sedans and odd numbers to "boxy" sedans is ridiculous from a consumer's POV, even if it makes sense in some other mysterious way. I mean let's face, who gives a tinkers dam what number is on their BMW? People buy the one they can afford and that they like the looks of, or, they buy largest or smallest one they can afford and that will also serve the functions they have in mind for it.

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