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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
You know that's right! Anytime BMW use words like "gran" and "coupe" to identify the car, one can expect to pay a few thousand more for each adjective. LOL BMW make good cars, and I like them, but BMW are profit-mongers just like every other car company.

As E46M above suggested, this 4GC should have just been the F30 sedan. It tests credulity to think that the 4GC costs any more to make than the F30. What has to be done, really? Program the robots to press the sheet metal somewhat differently.
What? BMW have only used the words "Gran Coupe" to describe any car once, the 6GC, and that's barely priced any different to the standard 6 coupe, and it's pretty much cheaper than the 6 convertible!.... how is that using the GC to profit monger?!

We haven't seen the pricing for the 4GC yet.. so how's about you wait for that before judging?

And given that many F30 owners here don't seem to care much for the Gran Coupe, don't you think that actually making the 4GC just the F30 in the fist place would have been a bad idea?

Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
Moreover, this marketing chicanery of assigning even numbers to coupes and "swoopy" sedans and odd numbers to "boxy" sedans is ridiculous from a consumer's POV, even if it makes sense in some other mysterious way. I mean let's face, who gives a tinkers dam what number is on their BMW? People buy the one they can afford and that they like the looks of, or, they buy largest or smallest one they can afford and that will also serve the functions they have in mind for it.
Most of the people on this forum it seems, given the amount of pissing and moaning about it.