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I really like the concept of a Gran Coupe, this one or in any other BMW series. With BMW going a little softer with the handling and ride on most of their cars, the Gran Coupe gives them a platform where they can maintain more sporting handling and styling characteristics. From everything I read, the 6 series GC handles better than the 5 series. I happen to have switched earlier this year from my lovely E63 to an F10 because me and my wife had a baby and my coupe simply did not work for me anymore. A Gran Coupe would have been perfect, but none existed in the BMW lineup. Now that I have seen an 6er Gran Coupe up close and sat inside, I noticed the rear seat has more leg room than my F10. I know in truth it is a 4 seater, but that is all most people need.

With regards to the 4series Gran Coupe, I think it's a needed range becasue the 5er and 6er have grown in size and weight so much. I could see myself being interested in trading down from my F10 to a M4 GC if the rear seat is decent. These cars have grown quite a bit and I think this series will be the equivalent of the old 5 series. I love BMW's but I think they need to get lighter and bring back the high standards of handling the entire range used to have. The GC could be range where BMW could maintain the more sporting characteristics that attracted most of us to BMW. I for one, hope they do that.

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