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Originally Posted by cpw2626 View Post
How does the 6 have more torque in the lower RPMs? 335 puts out max torque (300 lb/feet or 406Nm) starting at around 1200 RPM. The 6 stats show max torque (280 lb/ft or 380Nm) at around 3000 RPM. Am I looking at the wrong specs? I haven't found the need to wind the nuts off my 335 to get the most out of it.
Mine's modified Also, the characteristics are that the MPS has an enormous surge of torque and "feels" liek aproper turbo car. You know how they build ... it's like a mountain of torque coming in to around 2500rpm and then there's this big hump up to 4500 rpm-ish before it tapers off after around 5500rpm. I hit around 360ftlbs at 3000rpm. BMW tuned the 335i so that it doesn't feel ilke a forced induction car but just feels like a straight six - the torque curve isn't a curve, it's a straight line. Yes, it's more refined and yes, it's more "BMW" but ... in my opinion ... it's got less character and needs to be worked harder to feel as quick.

It's just a perception thing based on how it's been tuned. I don't think anyone disputes that the 335i is a great car, it's quick and it's refined. It just doesn't feel as quick as it is unless you wind the nuts off it
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