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Originally Posted by JamesMA View Post
FYI, when my parts guy went to order, the computer told him they were a no go for the M-Sport, he showed me the screen.

Let us know how the install goes.
I dry fitted the mud guards and they fit just fine on the Msport. Perfect fit actually. I think the computer info is wrong or not up to date.

The problem is that the rears only came with 4 screws, but 2 go in the bottom of one guard, there is one existing that is used, and then there are 2 more holes in the guard and the inner wheel well.
So, you need 4 new screws each 8 total and my set only came with 4 for both.

I can get them mounted without the 2 inner screws. It feels like it will hold especially with the double sided tape. But I'll see if the shop can give me 4 more.