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Got that idea by seating in the front, adjusting my seat to the position I would drive and then sat in the rear seat. I have a F10 5series and have done the same and it is tighter in the rear. I know they are not in the same bracket, but I came to the F10 from the previous E63 6 series and I no longer had a sporty 4 door car in the BMW range so I got a 5 series. The new 5 series does not handle like the old ones. It's more like a 7 series. If the GC would have been in the market, I would have gone in that direction. Now, if a 4 series GC comes out, and that range (3/4 series) keeps getting bigger, I would consider and M4 GC.

I haven't read Car and Driver, but every review that I have read says the Grand Coupe handles great, which is not really the case for the current F10, which I own and is definitely softer, floatier and with a lot more body roll than previous 3 5 series, which I have owned or tested them all.

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