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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Very nice, I agree you should raise it a little in the front, but only 1/4" to 1/2".
Originally Posted by Ermagerd View Post
Looks great, and I agree with remmib; maybe a 1/4".
Originally Posted by VSmotorsports View Post
very nice, we have been waiting to see who would make the jump and get some kws
Thanks guys. I raised the front 1/2" and so the front has about a half finger gap. It should settle nicely over the next few days. The front is perfect now and the ride quality is so great.

Here's some more bad news though.

The rears... well, they are a problem. In fact, I think KW made some huge mistakes on the rears. They are as follows...

The rears go way too low. Believe it or not, the pic in my original post is at the absolute highest setting the rear coils will safely allow. Below is a pic of the coil and perch. I manage to turn it about an 1/8" more, but any more turns will make the perch unstable. It would be biting on only 3 coils or something. So this is the absolute furthest the rears will go and the tires are still tucking a tiny bit.
KW needs to make the spring rates stiffer, or provide spacers for the perches. It's useless to have height adjustability when the only settings are: SUPER LOW. SLAMMED. CAN'T MOVE SLAMMED.

The perch in the rears can't be turned without the black part spinning with it. Basically, you can't adjust the height without taking off the strut and control arm link. PITA. The black part supposed to have a hex screw insert that you can use to resist the spinning, but mine doesn't have it. Neither did the other set I saw. Even if it did, it would be useless because you can't get the allen key between the spring coils.

I emailed KW about my issue. I hope they get back to me about this tomorrow.
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